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    • 50% industrial glutaric dialdehyde; 50% medicinal glutaric dialdehyde; modified glutaric dialdehyde;

    About us

      Hubei Microbial Control Biological Technology Co., Ltd mainly engages in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing fine chemical products. It was founded in Railway Station Economic Development Zone, Huangzhou District, Huanggang City, Hubei in March 2010. The floor area is 40mu. The company has invested ¥20 million in the first-stage project to establish the world's third and China's first continuous production device of glutaric dialdehyde. Weikong has senior R&D and administrative teams. It is a high-tech corporate enterprise owning independent core technologies and invention patents. Qualities of our products have reached advanced level in the world. Main products are 50% industrial glutaric dialdehyde; 50% medicinal glutaric dialdehyde; modified glutaric dialdehyde; fatty aldehyde (PN, PF); pyran(MDP); compound fungicide , and so forth, which are widely used as fungicide, algicide, tanning agent, medical disinfectant, organic synthetic intermediate, protein curing agent for research, and etc.


      As a professional manufacturer and technical service provider, the company has established cooperation relations with multinational corporations, large-scale state-owned petrochemical enterprises, paper factories, and industrial water treatment companies. Moreover, our products are sold to EU, Russia, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and other countries and regions.


      The company is market-oriented, and it has developed a large number of new products, new technologies, and new formulations. Our company carry out modern enterprise management model and advocate green ecological environment and sustainable development, and we strive to become a permanent partner of clients based on advantageous products and professional services.

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