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    Fungicide US-30

    Name: Fungicide US-30Bactericide US-30 is a new type of complex fungicide, it has high efficiency, broad spectrum, low toxicity, economic characteristics, widely used in oil field, leather, water treatment and papermaking industries sterilization and preservation.
    The product is a mixture of the wide PH value of the conditions of bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa have a good killing effect, the test has excellent bactericidal ability, especially under alkaline conditions, the bactericidal capacity than the general Fungicides are strong.
    Product Features
    Broad spectrum efficiency: killing a variety of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi algae, the role of a long time, a strong ability to inhibit bacteria.
    Solubility: miscible with water.
    Permeability: can quickly penetrate.
    Lower cost: small dose, long efficacy, cost savings.
    Main performance
    Appearance: light yellow to light yellow green liquid
    Solubility: soluble in water, ethanol and so on
    Active component: not less than 30%
    PH value: 9-10
    Use the main points
    1. Dosing point: white water
    2. Effective inhibition concentration: 50ppm
    Packaging and storage
    Packing: plastic drum. Barrel, 250 kg / barrel, 1000 kg / barrel;
    Storage: 40 ℃ below, dark storage, valid for one year.

    Fungicide US-30


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