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    • 50% industrial glutaric dialdehyde; 50% medicinal glutaric dialdehyde; modified glutaric dialdehyde;


    Diethylene glycol dibenzoate (DEDB)

    Synonyms: 2,2'-Oxybis-, dibenzoate Ethanol; 2,2'-Oxydiethylene dibenzoate
    CAS NO: 120-55-8
    Formula : C18H18O5
    Molecular Weight : 314.34
    Structural Formula:
    Appearance: Clear to yellow liquid
    Ester Contene: 98.0% min
    Acidity: 0.1% max
    Specific Gravity: 1.135 - 1.139 
    Moisture: 0.1% max
    Hydroxyl Number: 15 max (mg KOH/g)
    Color, Apha: 100 max
    Package: Packed by 220kg /Drum

    Diethylene glycol dibenzoate (DEDB)


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