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    • 50% industrial glutaric dialdehyde; 50% medicinal glutaric dialdehyde; modified glutaric dialdehyde;


    In 2010, completed the company registration, project approval, environmental impact assessment, safety pre-evaluation, plant facilities foundation.

    In 2011, the first independent research and development of the production line construction is completed, the product trial production.

    June 2012, product quality through the "Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention" test.

    August 2012, the declaration of national invention patents: "a continuous preparation of glutaraldehyde method."

    In December 2012, corporate comrade Zhao Liqun was elected Huanggang Huanggang District CPPCC members.

    January 2013, access to "dangerous chemical construction project safety facilities completed acceptance", and access to "safe production standardization of three enterprises" certificate.

    March 2013, won the Huanggang Municipal People's Government of 2012 open economic support policy funding.

    October 2013, the declaration of national patents for inventions: "Benzyl benzoate recovery of refined methods."

    In October 2013, Huanggang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Finance Bureau jointly undertook the scientific and technological development project of Huanggang City to award the scientific and technological development fund for our company's "continuous production of high-purity glutaraldehyde".

    In 2013 November, Huanggang City Environmental Protection Bureau trial production approval. Huang ring letter [2013] 227 number

    >December 2013, adopted by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Huanggang City Environmental Monitoring Station EIA.

    February 2014, Huazhong University of Science and Technology School of Public Health, Tongji Medical Institute of Environmental Medicine, according to the national "disinfection of technical specifications," my company's medical glutaraldehyde disinfectant for the professional testing, the results show that in line with the Wei- Glutaraldehyde disinfectant standards, the performance reached the international level.

    March 2014, product quality through the "Hubei Provincial Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center Industrial Products Testing Center" test.

    December 2014, through the Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Information Research Institute search new search center to identify, the project production of glutaraldehyde method, device and the main technical indicators in the domestic and international are at the leading level.

    February 2015, the production and sale of glutaraldehyde and complex products business license.

    March 2015, the company's invention patent "a continuous preparation of glutaraldehyde method" won the People's Republic of China State Intellectual Property Office granted patents.

    April 2015, won the Office of Science and Technology "2015 Hubei Province SME Technological Innovation Project" 44th. I found that the company's main technical performance indicators of glutaraldehyde, compared with other manufacturers products, such as the purity of the nature of the performance has improved, the technology has reached the international advanced level. Item Number: 2015DAL044.

    May 2015, through the ISO9000 quality management system certification. Certificate Number: USA15Q22198R0M.

    June 2015 "a continuous preparation of glutaraldehyde method", access to scientific and technological achievements in Hubei Province registration certificate, registration number: EK2015E210009000839.

    August 2015, SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. passed the quality inspection.

    October 2015, access to high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province in 2015 certificate. Certificate Number: GR201542000951.

    November 2015, the declaration of three national invention patent "skin hand disinfectant", "endoscopic disinfection equipment and its production process", "a glutaraldehyde in the rapid qualitative analysis of formaldehyde."

    In January 2016, Huanggang City Environmental Protection Bureau received the sewage permit. Certificate Number: D - is - 16 - Pro 00002

    April 2016, listed on the technology version of Wuhan equity custody trading center.

    In 2016 April, Huanggang City Environmental Protection Bureau received environmental approval. Huang ring letter [2016] 66 number

    April 2016, access to the State Administration of Production Safety issued by the "Certificate of Hazardous Chemicals", certificate number: 421110047

    July 2016, the company's products through the US EPA demonstration.

    August 2016, Huanggang District, Huangzhou District Science and Technology Bureau on the "high-quality glutaraldehyde continuous production methods" scientific and technological achievements Award.

    August 2016, the Hubei Provincial Production Safety Supervision and Administration issued the "dangerous goods safety production license." Number: (E) WH security permits the word <0917>

    October 2016, the company's patent "Benzyl benzoate recovery method" won the People's Republic of China State Intellectual Property Office granted the invention patent certificate.

    November 2016 "Benzyl benzoate recovery of refined methods", access to scientific and technological achievements in Hubei Province registration certificate, registration number: EK2016E210075001598.

    December 2016, declared five national invention patents.

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